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Whatever you think of me, it doesn't matter, I promised Him I would put this out there.  I have

seen Jesus five times, twice awake with my eyes open, and He said nothing, but His presence

meant something to me, since I was looking for an answer to something at the time and I took

His appearance as an "okay, go ahead", although He did not speak.  The other

three times, I saw Him I was sleeping and He did say things to me.  I am only going to

talk here about the time I made an appointment to see God, and Jesus showed up to teach

me something in my dream. 




I had been searching and searching and searching and searching (search and you shall find,

knock and the door shall be opened), I was searching for some kind of an answer

about God and I'm talking about many years of searching here.  One day I decided to

make an appointment with God, and how I got that idea doesn't matter here, but it was

around spring sometime and I decided that on my brother's birthday, July 7, a few

months away, would be my meeting time with God, if He was interested because I needed

to know things.  I told Him about this appointment time and date.  Then I let go of it.

Actually, I forgot all about it, until the morning of July 7.  (Do you get a little bit of

goosebumps here?  I sure did.)  I had awakened from a very vivid dream of seeing Jesus that day.

I could remember every detail.  Then I realized, if my appointment was with God, and

Jesus showed up, then they must be One (along with the Holy Spirit) as He is quoted

as saying in the Bible.  I don't profess to understand the Trinity, but there must be some

Truth in it, and so today, I open all my prayers with Jesus' name as He tells us to do

this in the New Testament.  So, here's how our meeting went:


I found myself in dark outer space, with only bright stars to look at, and I was

standing on a floating wooden dock, like a boat dock and it was horseshoe-shaped

and I was at the end where the curve is in the horseshoe shape.  There was also a

railing I was gripping around the outside of the shape and it had spindles holding it up

like an old wooden stairway would have.  I suddenly was not alone.  He, Jesus, was

standing in front of me at the end of the dock on the right side.  There He was in all

His beautiful glory, the red robe, the Sacred Heart on His chest and His brown

long hair and He glowed just slightly, all over.  I looked at Him like "what do I do now?"

He said  "Cam, I  want you to let go of eveything  and I want you to let me hold you. 

I'm going to hold you over this hole in the center of the dock."  I looked

down the hole into space -- forever space, with all of its stars, and I

looked back up at Him and I said "I'm afraid.  If I fall, (or rather, if you let

go of me -- (no trust)) I would fall forever and ever."  He said, "trust me, let go of everything let, me

hold you.  Let me hold you over the scary hole."  I said, well, you ARE Jesus, after all, I should

be willing to trust you, so I'm going to try here, and I took my hands off of the railing

and I reached for Him as He reached for me, but He pointed at my foot and said "Cam,

I told you to let go of EVERYTHING," and where I had wrapped my foot and toe around

one of the spindles in the railing, He noticed I hadn't completely let go of everything, and

when I finally did pull my foot loose from the spindle, I remember the distinct sound of "thunk" as I

let go.  He lifted me up and lowered me down into the hole.  The whole universe began to spin

aound me like a carousel, faster and faster, and the flashing stars began to flash like

a mirror ball, and the flashes all caught up into one big giant flash of almost blinding light

that stayed and then He let go of me - - - and I levitated there (you can't see me when I

hold you but I really am there doing it when you ask me).  As I floated there, I felt

wonderful, and almost powerful, what a ride this was, better than anything I'd ever

experienced before, and it was all so beautiful.  Then, the universe began to slow

down, just as a carousel does, the flashing dwindled, slowly, slower and then it

stopped, as He lifted me up and set me back down on the dock.  He looked straight

into my eyes and said -- "THERE".  I woke up and said to myself, "wow, what was

that?", and I realized it was the morning of July 7.



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